The River Experience

A River, a Stream, Water that flows carrying with it the secret of Life.
Water, an element that can be as sweet and gentle as it is hard and strong, contains Fire as its opposite element, something truly magical.
Something that once it has been tried continually attracts you.
The practice of a river activity is an open door towards a new world, the entrance into a dimension in which the modern world and organized society are light years away.
Going down a river allows us to savor sensations and experience emotions that will positively impact our state of mind, strengthen our character and open our mind.
Going down a river means experiencing the river, entering the nature that surrounds us, being part of it, detaching from the reality of modern life to forget everything.
Going down a river in a group means creating unexpected bonds and maintaining indelible memories.
We are in the relatively calm water of a dead pool, a door opens, we cross it and suddenly the Journey begins, a Journey together with the River towards something new, something to discover and experience intensely.
A different Trip in every different River, a different Trip in every different river activity, but a single unforgettable experience:

The River Experience
It cannot be learned from books or stories,
No one will ever be able to describe it in its entirety,
each of us will live it in her own way and will carry her memories,
you need to experience it at least once

Federico Maggiani
Written in the winter of 2006 during a trip to South America