Outdoor Team Building


Do you want to train your collaborators through activities carried out in the open air, in a healthy environment in direct contact with nature?


Or do you want to celebrate a particular anniversary, the acquisition of a large order, reward your commercial and/or productive or administrative sector for achieving high results, or anything else that deserves to be remembered?


Do you want to strengthen bonds, create new friendships, indelibly link a wonderful day spent in nature to your gym or club?


Eddyline has also thought of companies with the Outdoor Team Building offer. It is training for companies carried out in the open air, outside the normal working context, in this case on the river: a healthy environment in direct contact with nature, in which to carry out the teaching activity.

Outdoor Team Building is training for companies carried out in the open air – therefore outside the normal working context – in a healthy environment in direct contact with nature, which provides the backdrop for the teaching activity.


The training includes the right mix of activities that stimulate the emotional sphere of the participants and the structured “classroom” training part.
All sporting activities and physical exercises are not ends in themselves, but rather designed to always refer back to the “corporate metaphor”, i.e. thus allowing you to learn – in a new, fun and effective way – all the tools and skills useful for improving the way of working and the corporate climate.
The outdoor training approach overcomes the separation between theoretical training and real experience: psychophysical experimentation in a new, stimulating and unique context acts as a catalyst for the teaching activity.


Physical well-being stimulated by a strong contact with nature, together with the fun in carrying out more or less demanding activities with one’s colleagues, the focus on the personal dimension of the individual and his relationship within the group, as well as strong emotional involvement they amplify the cognitive abilities of the participants, resulting in a faster learning process and a stronger and more lasting imprinting over time.


Outdoor Team Building is aimed at those companies that recognize the close link between business results and the human factor, who want to excel in the motivational development of their collaborators and who intend to create winning teams.
The outdoor activities in a river context proposed by Eddyline have been designed and tested to be the “experiential vehicle”, i.e. the tool through which the learning path takes place, aimed at the educational objective. All activities are always followed by a debriefing, in which the teaching elements are provided in a structured way.
All activities are carried out with the assistance of a team of professionals who guarantee safety conditions at all times and to allow all participants to have fun and learn in absolute tranquility. The activities are considered “immediate access”, i.e. they do not require either technical skills or specific preparation.
They are divided into two distinct categories both for the very nature of the activities and for the fact that they are adapted to different training purposes: “River Sports” (the classic river sports) and the “River Challenges” (activities and tests set up in the river environment ).

The training program in the outdoor context proposed by Eddyline focuses on issues that involve both personal development and the improvement of group work (team development):


Team building
How to build a winning team, close-knit and efficiently goal-oriented, through the enhancement and motivation of the individual.


Techniques for effectively managing a team of collaborators through motivation, delegation, facilitation skills and trust.


Communication skills
How to excel in interpersonal relationships through effective and persuasive communication, active and empathetic listening and public speaking.


Problem solving
How to face and solve problems through creative stimulus and a structured decision making approach.


Time stress management
Effective management of time, unexpected events and conflicts in compliance with project objectives. How to recognize emotional stress and use it proactively.


The training approach is based on the concept that a person’s learning capacity is amplified in conditions of physical and mental well-being; the experience that (positively) involves the participant’s emotional sphere guarantees greater imprinting in the memory.
The training programs offered by Eddyline are always divided into 3 fundamental phases:

  • Experimentation through physical/sports activity (game)
  • Achieving a state of physical/mental well-being (I’m fine)
  • Learning through structured debriefing (I understand)In all phases of the experience, the individual and the group are the protagonists, the team of trainers plays a role of facilitation, of orientation towards the educational objectives, and in a second time, of structured illustration of the lessons learned.


Before each activity, the Eddyline team dedicates ample space to illustrating the “technical” aspects of the activity: the objective, the rules, the tools, the equipment, with particular focus on all the measures necessary to carry out the exercise in absolute safety and serenity.


During the practical test, the team provides continuous guidance and assistance to the participants and ensures the participation and involvement of all group members.


The planning of the training
The training program and contents are designed ex-ante with the Customer on the basis:

  • of the needs analysis
  • the profile of the target team (seniority, skills, predisposition for physical activity)
  • of the educational objective (themes and delivery methods).

Federico Maggiani
Founding partner and COO of Eddyline.
He is a river guide, instructor and canoe instructor (FICT), level 5 rafting guide and rafting master (F.I.Raft), hydrospeed guide (A.I.Hydro), holds a canoe instructor license (FICK), an American canoe license river rescue by Rescue 3 International “SRT1” and “SRT2”. He is a member of the Canoe Academy (FICT), is part of the training/examining commission of the River Guides and of the training/examining commission of the rafting guides.


Michele Cucchi
Safety Director MonterosaSki.
He is part of the Alagna Valsesia mountain guide corps.


Marco Locatelli
Eddyline Management Training Manager.
Management consultant.
NASE certified diving guide, skipper, ski mountaineering assistant instructor


Julia Geffers
Consultant in Human Resources Management.
Master in Communication & Media.
She speaks 5 languages ​​fluently.

Are you a company and want to celebrate a particular anniversary, the acquisition of a large order, reward your commercial and/or productive or administrative sector for achieving high results, or anything else that deserves to be remembered?Eddyline with its outdoor activities is for you.


A team of professionals in the outdoor sector, a family and relaxing environment, a base nestled in the mountains of upper Valsesia in a green and natural area with football pitch, tennis, bowls, beach volleyball, ping pong, natural rock gym , bar, trattoria, pizzeria, grill point for tasty Argentine asadi, all this at your complete disposal for the excellent realization of your event.


There are many standard proposals for one or more days, and many others can be created based on the requests of the participants, their physical condition, their tastes towards one outdoor activity rather than another.


Contact us, we are at your complete disposal so that the memory of this event remains inextricably linked over time to the name of your company.

Do you want a special Outdoor Team Building activity? In a truly special place? Or do you want to give a special travel reward to your employees and collaborators? Or still a mixture of the previous two?


You found it: Patagonia!A fascinating land, where distances are immense as are its mountains and natural beauty.A land that is still virgin in many respects, a place where you can savor the true joy of life in contact with Nature.


On one of our trips we discovered Patagonia and we said to ourselves: this is the paradise of outdoor sports! We therefore chose it for two key reasons: because it is an enchanting place and because from the point of view of outdoor activities it offers an incredible breadth of action in majestic natural settings.


Do you have any special requests or do you want to know the details of the proposal? Contact us and together we will create your event overseas.


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