Schools and very young people

Schools and very young people


It is now established that work, study or purely recreational activities carried out in the open air have a positive influence on the practice of the activity itself and on the mood of practitioners. Precisely for this essential reason and on the experience of other leading countries in this sector, such as France and England in which the practice of outdoor activities is even included in school curricula, we wanted to invest our technical experience by adapting river and land sports activities to ‘open air (outdoor) to the scholastic and recreational reality.


Following the new educational needs of children, our proposals are not based on simple sporting practice, but seek and provoke interest and respect towards the Nature that surrounds us. We can easily define these excursions as lessons in physical education, civics, natural sciences, but above all life lessons. Life in contact with nature, flora and fauna, knowledge of the activities that can be practiced in these healthy and natural spaces, knowledge of the element in which the activity is being practiced, make this work of ours the new winning proposal for all those schools who want to be at the forefront in teaching and in paying particular attention to the world of children, and to those values ​​that have been put on the back burner for a long time.


Our proposals range from the practice of individual sporting activities to their combination with visits to cities of art and historical/archaeological sites, and have been structured into various typologies so as to be aimed at the entire school system.


Thanks to our two bases, one near the sea in Liguria with a calmer river and the other in the mountains in Piedmont with a more sparkling river, we can offer a wide range of activities and resources.

In addition to the formulas studied and proposed, we are at your complete disposal for an analysis of the individual training needs of each Institute to choose the most suitable activity or create the best combination between Sport, History and Art. Upon request we can present our detailed programs directly in the School to teachers and children.

The proposed sporting activities are: Rafting, Inflatable canoe, Kayaking, Canyoning, Trekking, Mountain biking


Teachers accompanying children are free of charge.


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